There is a great history behind the George Johnson House, an Ocean Park Inn, which led it to offering the wonderful accommodations that it does today.

George C. Johnson was born on January 26, 1872, in California,
and he died on February 14, 1934, in Ocean Park, WA. He was brought to Washington at the age of two years when his parents died, and he was adopted by J.C. and Margaret Sullivan Johnson of Oysterville.

He married Mary Lescher of New Haven, Connecticut in 1911and was primarily involved in the oyster industry. He lived most of his life in Ocean Park and was well known on the Peninsula.

It is said that George and Mary Johnson mapped their "cottage" floor in the ocean beach sand. The cottage appeared smaller than they wanted when outlined in the sand, so they increased the dimensions. To their surprise, they ended up with more than a cottage.

The original blueprints from the Craftsman Bungalow Company of Seattle are still with the house. The local carpenter and home builder, S.A. Matthews, built the home in 1913.

The home stayed in the Johnson family until 1969, when the estate of Mary Johnson gifted the house to the Episcopal Diocese of Olympia.

In 1970, the house was sold by the Church to Neal and Catherine Troeh. Catherine Herrold Troeh has maintained ownership since that time. Some contemporary bath and kitchen modifications have taken place, but the majority of the interior is original. Their daughter, Charlotte Killien, has operated the Bed & Breakfast since 2005.

Builder Stephen A. Matthews

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